Our holiday cottages are all pet friendly and we make no charges for pets - they are after all a member of your family!.

Whether it is the family dog, a pet hamster or your much loved budgie, we welcome your furry, feathered or scaled pets to our cottages. As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of finding a holiday which allows your animals to come too!

All we ask is that you keep your animal clean (so no muddy paw prints on the sofa!) and you pick up any mess the animal leaves in and around the holiday cottages. Do let us know which animals you will be bringing with you. We will also be very happy to recommend some great routes nearby for dog walkers and local pet shops.


Our Rescue Centre

 Since 2009 we have taken in, looked after and released animals from the Whitby area. You can get all the information about what we do through:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whitby-Wildlife-Sanctuary/192396984146175The wild animals stay in our own large aviary with enclosures. Don't hesitate to ask if you want to see the little centre and its patients. We generally get phone calls from the local vets and the public of Whitby when an animal is found in need of some TLC, rest and treatment. Amongst those taken in have been our ducks and geese, abandoned at the Abbey and no longer able to be looked after.


Our chickens, ducks and geese

On the grounds of Broomfields Farm, we keep chicken, ducks and geese. The chicken have been rescued from battery farms and live out their old age with us.

Subject to availability we may have chicken eggs for sale at £1 per half dozen. All the money goes toward their keep. The ducks and geese also provide eggs but only during the summer.

 The ducks and geese have their own area which you can visit. They do enjoy the odd scrap of bread you have spare.