Seven self-catering cottages, offering great value and facilities for small or large groups of family, friends and pets.

Abbey View and Seabreeze

This view of both cottages is the first you'll see when driving through Broomfields farm. Made from sandstone and converted from old farm buildings‚ each cottage is furnished and decorated to a high standard. The building you see here used to be a dairy barn and in fact where the patios are now‚ there used to be a large black steel cow barn. This was dismantled soon after we moved to Broomfields Farm.

The Playground

During the conversion of the holiday cottages‚ it was decided to fill a (very swampy) pond and create a playground. This playground is suitable for young children. We hope to expand and build a much sturdier playground suitable for young adults!

The Courtyard

At the centre of Abbey View‚ Seabreeze‚ Horseshoe Cottage and Doves Haven lies the courtyard. At the far end of the courtyard lies the Games Room: a good place to start your holiday with a few games of pool.

The BBQ Area

Always available to the cottages is the BBQ. Situated near the playground‚ the BBQ has been a hit with our visitors.

The Car Park

Plenty of parking available near your cottage!

The Old Stable and Country Cottage

As the name suggests‚ The old stable used to be ... a stable! Country Cottage too‚ was a stable back in its day and has great views of the stainsacre woods and countryside surrounding Broomfields Farm. Both cottages are one storey and have wheelchair access ramps and mobility-disabled toilet facilities.

The Back Field

To the rear of Country Cottage lies six acres of fields. The fields are a good spot for dog walkers and beyond lies an old railway line‚ a good walk to the centre of Whitby and a two minute walk to the local pub.

  • Abbey View and Seabreeze
  • The Playground
  • The Courtyard
  • The BBQ Area
  • The Car Park
  • The Old Stable and Country Cottage
  • The Back Field
  • Our Geese
  • The old Railway Line - great for walks!
  • Woodland paths
  • Surrounded by six acres of open fields
  • A fresh supply of eggs for your breakfast!